Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tagged again!

Tagged by Natalie Evans:
So here goes my random/weird facts:

1. I always HAVE to have "lip stuff" on my nightstand, pocket, purse & car. Gotta have moist lips!

2. I love a TOUGH back massage.
 It has to be so hard it hurts!

3. I have never & will never be a morning person. (kinda wish I could be sometimes though) A true "Late Owl" here!

4. My camera is always within an arms distance. I keep it in my purse cuz you never know when there will be a great photo-op!

5. I make up silly dances and songs to make my kids laugh.

6. I have a weird "face talent." I can recognize a face and know right then where I know them from. Even if it's been 20 years. My brain automatically calculates weight & age progression. Sometimes I 
pretend I don't remember though if I can't remember their name or if I'm too shy. Even if I don't "know" know them, I can tell you who their related to that I know & probably some random detail.

7. My feet have to always be spotless CLEAN or I wig out. (walking outside 3 steps w/out shoes makes me cringe.

*OK so now I TAG my 7 people:

Becky (Macias)
Jamie (Mehan)

& whoever else feels like doing it because I LOVE reading random details about friends:)

*What are quirks of yours? & Can you help me think of some more of mine? (for journaling purposes) *One I just thought of is that I stare at & examine each bite of food before I eat it.


Stephanie said...

okay we either are sisters and think the same or you keep changing your music to whatever I put on my blog:)

Rusten,Danae & Munchkins said...

Love the weird quirks Audra! How are you feeling?