Tuesday, November 18, 2008

*Happy 12th Birthday Natalie

Cheerleader Natalie!

(Finally getting her baby sister Claire)

Nat & Kay DisneyWorld ride-2006

Natalie celebrates her 12th Birthday today! Ah...When does a child become a teenager?....far too soon. 

☆Sweet Natalie has always been a fun cousin for Kaylea to look up to. She helps the kids put on fashion shows or dances. Natalie is a great big sister & helper to her Mom. She is a natural with little ones & will be a great mother some day.  

☆Natalie is extremely creative & talented. It all comes so naturally & it's as if she gets to simply choose what talents she'd like to develop. She is an artist, a musician, a cheerleader, a peacemaker. 

☆Natalie has a tender heart & is sensitive to the spiritWhen I think of her, I think of the times that she teared up from feeling the Holy Ghost whisper truths to her. 

☆That Natalie is a special girl-who is quickly becoming a fantastic young woman. Don't grow up too quickly little lady!


Have a Wonderful Birthday Natalie!


A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

Ok I'm crying now because I remember her tearing up at her baptism and at the temple. She did the same thing at the primary program when they asked her to give a talk about going to the temple to be sealed.she couldn't do it because she was so emotional.. she's gonna love this post and I really appreciate the kind things you said about her. Thanks

Lundell Family said...

Natalie is a very special girl!!! We love her so much and are so happy she is such a great example to our children.

Lundell Family said...

grandma debbie says...Audra you said it perfectly, she is soooo talented in so many areas ( a rare feat) She is such an amazing photographer and I could see her being a famous one some day or at least good enough to always do her own family..Keep practicing NAt...love you

Lacey said...

amen to everything. she is the sweetest girl in the world. i love natatlie, happy birthday!!!!