Monday, December 1, 2008

~Thanksgiving Day~

*This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with Tim's parents & siblings. All but one sister was there with her family. I think this was the first time we actually had the "feast" with them. Usually we are in California with Tim's Dad & grandparents or with my family, so this was a fun change. Tim & I attempted to make a few pies together in our little condo kitchen 
with our ridiculous oven that takes twice as long to cook things. We only yelled once. Haha! Tim really enjoys making desserts so luckily he helped me out in this department.We made pumpkin pies, oreo chocolate pudding pies, pumpkin cobbler & our mystery jello surprise. *For the feast  we had Lonnie's famous yummy smoked turkey, Heidi's mashed potatoes, her parents stuffing, Carries rolls, Tiffany's candied sweet potatoes, honeybaked ham, Carrie's jello cheesecake pies, Debbie's fixings,-gravy, fruit assortment, green beans, banana creme pies, and everything else! (I'm sure I'm missing something.)
~After eating my body definitely went into a paralyzed-I-ate-too-much state. The kids were done eating before I even sat down to eat & were off playing. They love Grandma & Grandpa's playground & backyard-especially when there are so many other cousins climbing on it. They had hours & hours of non stop fun. And for journaling purposes Spencer wore some of Ashlyn's old clothes for 1/2 the day after a much needed shower & change of clothes after picking up poopy cousin Tate. Aunt Ashlyn & Aunt Lacey also gave the kids many golf cart rides around the neighborhood which was their favorite part of the day. At one point I counted 9 kids on there. I have a mental picture of it but no actual pictures & very few of the whole day. (I'm stealing some of Tiffany's & Heidi's.)
While the kids played the adults talked & had on the Cardinals game. Ok so it's important for any of you who don't know that my husband might very well be the Cardinal's most positive outlook supporter of all time. Bless his little heart! Let's just say he gets into it!
Miley, Claire & Elsie
(the littlest cousins)
newborn, 6 months, 8 months
Ava & Kaylea had so much fun for a good 24 hours straight & didn't want it to end!
(love the oreo left on their faces)

Fun times, Fun times....


Scott & Natalie sherwood said...

I saw your kids flying down the street with Ashlyn. They had the biggest grins on their faces!

Jamie said...

Pat is right there with Tim and the Cardinals. There was lots of pillow throwing at the TV during the game on Thanksgiving. Did your pies turn out well? They seem to if they are all over the kids faces in the pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you all had a blast! And talk about a feast! The food list just kept going and going! That's the way to do Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

How fun, it sounds like you had quite the feast! I love when the cousins can just play all day with eachother, it makes our job as moms very easy and it is so fun to watch!

Jen-ben said...

Yay for families to share Thanksgiving with...otherwise it just wouldn't be that fun!

Swirls of Happy said...

Sounds like you guys had a great Holiday!!!! I miss seeing you at our ward :( Cute pics!