Monday, December 15, 2008

Talking with Santa

So in our house we think this could have been in fact the real Santa because he's in 2 of our pictures from other Christmas'. He sure caught the kids off guard. Once they looked in his eyes and he began talking to them, their little hearts started pounding. Daylan really took this moment seriously!
Santa repeated what they wanted twice out loud as if to really remember! 
What a guy!
When Santa asked Kaylea what she wanted, she got so nervous that she actually forgot what she wanted! Her big brother helped her out by reminding her. (notice the nervous arm by the face.)
Aw... still so sweet at 8!


Callie said...

So cute...I wish my children were not deathly afraid of Santa, but, alas...they are! :(

Unknown said...

Aw I wish Skyler wasn't so old. Kenzie is so caught up in the magic of it all this year and is so excited! Does S know yet?

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love watching kids with Santa!