Monday, December 8, 2008

*Christmas Devotional*

*I LOVED the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional last night! Listening to the choir & hearing Elder Uchtdorf, Elder Eyring & President Monson as each reminded us with their stories of the true meaning of Christmas. They stated that this year many of us will be forced to simplify because of financial situations. Elder Uchtdorf said "I promise you this will be a blessing in disguise!" 

*To this I can already testify, being that I'm practically done with my Christmas shopping (a 1st!) & will get to actually enjoy the rest of the season & now focus on what my family can do to serve others.-what we really should be focusing on! The best gift we can give our Savior for His birthday!

*My favorite part of the night was singing Silent Night and watching as the camera panned over to our Dear Prophet & his counselors as they sang along. Goosebumps & tears!

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sarajane said...

that was good...and I love when spence sang along too!:)