Saturday, December 27, 2008


The SURPRISE story: 
~My sister Steph who lives with her hubby Marcus & 2 little boys in Idaho, decided she wanted to surprise my parents for Christmas this year. Their first pit stop was staying with my grandparents in Provo. Grandma kinda spilled the beans earlier in the week so Mom figured Steph & fam were coming down that night (Thursday). So Mom called me asking if I knew when they were coming. "Coming...Mom they're not coming why would you think that?" (She had already set up the play-pen & guest room.) We went on for a couple minutes as I tried convincing here they simply were just in Provo for some things & heading back to Idaho the next day. Yes I LIED to my Mother! And then told Steph she must LIE too. Minutes later Stephanie called saying..."the deed is done." We felt very much secret agent-like! 

~Fast forward to Friday evening (the 19th). After correlating this plan for weeks, and a long drive with stops from Provo to Vegas to Gilbert, Steph texted me saying they were almost here! I secretly ran outside (of my parents house) with my video camera in hand. Baby Carson (10 months), who we only as a family have seen once, was sitting in a Santa bag with his big brother Ethan (2) at the front door of my parents house. I helped position them and then rung the doorbell. My heart beat fast as we anticipated the fam opening the door. There was much excitement as the door opened & there were smiles, laughs & teary eyes. Luckily our parents and all siblings just happened to be home. We relished the moment!

Spence & cousin Ethan 
after eating chocolate!


Callie said...

What a fun plan!! Was your mom still surprised??

Frolicking Night Owl said...

WAY FUN! I wanna do that sometime ... well, the surprise part. :)

Unknown said...

That is awesome! I bet your kiddos had fun with their cousins! When you talked about videoing the suprise, I had a vision of you in the trunk of my car with your videocamera after we drove down from college to suprise your Tim! I miss you AUdra, you are so much fun!