Friday, August 20, 2010

The Viewing...

Elsie, Ava & Emmie
~Sisters Watching Over Sisters~

Them watching over her, She watching over them
Kaylea said that little sister Elsie (age 2) continued to tell people throughout the evening:
"Sshhhh...Emmie's Sleeping"
~Check Family~ 
Photos by Kristyn McBride 
It was amazing to see the hundreds of people that came into the Check home the night of Emmie's Viewing. For a little girl who never spoke a word, she sure influenced a lot of people. Friends, Neighbors, Extended Family & Ward Members came and gave their condolences to Tiffany & Jason and to see beautiful Emmie one last time. Emmie looked whole; She looked happy & content. It was very obvious she was not in her body although you could still feel her presence in the room.
Throughout the evening my little Jaxson (15 months) would point his finger over to Emmie's casket every time we walked by this room:
He'd lean that direction & insist I walk him over there. So at least a dozen times, I walked him over & we would just stand there on the left side..trying to stay out of the way of all others who came to see her. Jax would stare at Emmie very reverently each time...(except for once when he tried to dive in.) I honestly believe that The Veil is thin & these tender young spirits remember something about the Heaven they came from & where those who pass over have gone.

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