Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Bear" & "Bentley"

They say that Dog is Man's Best Friend...well in this story he was a Girl's Best Friend. On Christmas morning many years ago Lacey & Ashlyn as young girls, opened up their most favorite gift ever...a white toy poodle they would name "Bear." I witnessed them seeing him for the first time. You never saw two happier little girls. Bear was always Ashlyn's shadow & she loved him. Well a few weeks ago as we were there in Laguna visiting them, Bear was at their home in AZ & something tragic happened. Bear passed away & it was a hard couple days to seem them so sad; especially Ashlyn.
Over those couple days there was a lot of website searching and they came across a video of the cutest little puppy you've ever seen. We all fell in love...yes even me. Within a few days this puppy from Kentucky got on an airplane to California to meet her new best friend~Ashlyn. 
Love at First Sight

...this would be Kaylea's Puppy! 
{My little girl reminds me so much of Ashlyn at that age...Her love of animals is so strong. She talks almost daily about her career goals as a Veterinarian...& of course daily begging for a pet dog.}
Kaylea woke up at 5:00am the morning that Bentley was to arrive at the airport. She was THAT excited for this puppy! As Kaylea waited hours for everyone else to wake up, in that time she got herself dressed & ready, ate, read books, watched T.V. & watched the waves out on the back deck. She couldn't wait to go to the Airport with Grandma, Ashlyn, Lacey & Macey. 
I think Jax was confused why the 'stuffed animal' was running around.

We like to think of Bentley as Bear's little sister. We know that Bear would want his little Ashy to be happy & we're glad that Bentley's here to do so.
What a year or so- of dramatic family events!...
*At least Bear & Hazel can now be friends in Doggy Heaven.

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