Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Emmie...Her Story & Her "Special Day"

8 Years Ago sweet little Emmie was born into this world. I was privileged to be there...in the room video taping the whole thing. Because of a lack of oxygen, she would live her life with Cerebral Palsy.
Precious, Angelic Emmie had come for just a time upon this earth and she was here to teach us. Doctors told her parents she probably wouldn't live past her 8th Birthday.... but she has proved them wrong.
Although, about 10 days shy of her 8th Birthday, something tragic happened. While laying on her parents bed she somehow got a blanket wrapped around her neck. When her mom Tiffany found her, she was blue and lifeless. The ambulance arrived and she was put on oxygen and I.V's until finally her color and vitals began to look okay. Another moment when her Heavenly Angels were surrounding and protecting her.

You see, it wasn't time for Emmie to go yet...

She had more to do....
Like Celebrate her 8th Birthday!
Isn't she Beautiful?
Emmie participated in the Program for all the kids in the Stake getting baptized the month of January. She had no need for baptism as taught in the Doctrine & Covenants, because she is not capable of committing sin. She was born pure and remains pure. We believe she had a special role in the Pre existence that eliminated her need to prove herself on earth. She came simply for a physical body and also to be a role model for us. Although her parents understood this, they naturally struggled with this decision. I loved their choice and even more so the wording on her Baptism Announcement.
Afterwards, we got to come to her Bday Party .....and the Checks don't mess around when it comes to parties.

Emmie had her Famous
Strawberry Shortcake Party complete with:
~Bounce House,
Yummy Carrabbas Catering
& Bubbles the Clown
...what more could you ask for?
You can find these adorable custom cakes here...

Thank you Emmie
for coming here to show us how to be more like our Savior!

Teaching Us:


Raich said...

She is so beautiful!!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

So sweet...she is absolutely beautiful!

Tiffany said...

Audra... you are so sweet! You said it all too perfect. Can you come and write all my posts?!?! Thanks for your sweet kind words. You are an amazing, thoughtful person! Love ya!