Saturday, April 17, 2010

♥Happy Birthday Jozie♥

Carrying on the Birthday Post
Tribute Tradition:....
Goal: To acknowledge, Brag about
& Embarrass.

{A few years ago I began doing a little birthday tribute for each member of my immediate & extended family. I tried to do one for each person. In the last year I have added in all the babies' on their 1st birthdays & I realized that now I get to begin one for the incoming Inlaws!}....& there might be a few more here soon.
AND TODAY is JOZANNE LEE CURTIS' Birthday. Today this beautiful young lady turns 24 & I'm lucky enough to call her my sister 'n law. She married my brother Tommy in September. I have to say I am so glad that Tommy took his time in the marriage-department because getting Jozie was definitely worth the wait.
What I love about Jozie:

*She sincerely loves my brother & treats him like a King.

*She was up for marriage before we knew if his tumor was cancerous or not....& was there by his side throughout it all.

*Jozie is always volunteering her assistance to Everybody!

*My kids love her "back tickles."

*She is unique, a one of a kind who is comfortable being herself.

*She is genuine & makes everyone feel comfortable.

*She enjoys good music.

*Jozie is crafty, a good cook & talented.

*She has a spanish heritage. :)

*She lived in Hawaii....(& want them to move there again so we can visit them.)

*She has awesome style.

*Will always have some good one-liners to get you laughing.

*She overcame being lactose intolerant!

*I really embarrassed her at her bridal shower & she still likes me.

*Jozie is a remarkable goal setter.

*She is determined & knows what she wants in life.

*She has a cool job & works for the people going to build the Gilbert Temple.

*Her & Tommy do the BEST & funniest accents.

*She will give me dark-haired & blue-eyed neices/nephews!

*She is laid back & so easy to talk to.

*She can make friends with someone the first time she meets them.

*She makes everyone she talks to feel like they are her favorite person! (I always thought it was just me till I realized everyone felt this way. :)
~Our newest Sister~
(don't mind my post pregnancy arms.)
Happy Birthday Jozie!
We Love You
& are so happy you are in our family.


A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

don't know her very well but she seems nice of you to write these tributes, you're a great blogger!

{she + him} said...

Oh boy were the tears ever so flowing that day! They were happy tears though...I have never felt so loved--IN MY LIFE! I'm nominating Tommy for the Husband of the Year Award!