Friday, April 2, 2010

~The Gifts of Easter~

Each year during the Easter season, the term Resurrection always has more meaning than normal. It seems as though people's physical pain & infirmities are magnified-or at least I'm just more aware of them. I try and utilize this opportunity to really make the gift of Resurrection REAL and more meaningful.

~Last year I remember:
*My body was big, pregnant & in a lot of pain. Although temporary, my pregnant self had a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It was wonderful to know that the "pain" would eventually end. I knew that no matter what by May 21st my body would be free of the pain & pressure. Similarly we all must see that "light" at the end of the tunnel. Some day we will all receive the gift of Resurrection-a perfectly healthy body. Because of our Savior we will have this great gift.

*My family's long time next door neighbor died suddenly the week of Easter. I couldn't help but think about our Savior & the sadness that those who loved him experienced. I also contemplated him arising that 3rd day as a Resurrected Being to Mary Magdalene, His apostles, & those on the North American continent and knowing the joy they must have experienced.

~This year:
*My Father in Law Ron continues to struggle with his leg. Having faced the frightening situation of amputation, experiencing many surgeries, months of being immobilized & excruciating pain with his wound care.{And this was just the physical side of it.}Seeing him bear the pain brought tears to our eyes time after time. To know all the physical pain our Savior went through especially when it was all caused by others is just too much to comprehend. Also knowing that one day Ron will walk again with a perfectly healed left leg is an amazing thing!

*I can't help but think of the recent Death of little Peter from Church. How devastating that is...yet promising at the same time as we celebrate "Living again" this Easter season. (Our Bishop's father died unexpectedly just a few days after this, making him unavailable to conduct Peter's funeral as he grieved with his own family and was consoling his Mother.) I can't even bring my mind to fathom the idea of not seeing a loved one after they pass away. Because of our Savior, death is NOT the end & we will see our loved ones again.

*I think about my dear friend Alison...{she is a private person & is probably hating me right now for doing this.} In her young life of 30 years she has lost her father & her step father to death. In the past few years she has experienced horrific things as she has watched her dear husband Jeremy experience countless seizures. They have become so debilitating that he became completely unable to work & can't even leave the house without wearing a helmet. She continues on though, providing for their family in more ways than one, being a strength to her husband and her children. She is full of Faith, yet so humble and meek-a true disciple of Christ. {This week they are staying at the Mayo Clinic with 24 hour monitoring hoping to give them the answers they've been waiting for.} How wonderful it must be for her sweet husband to be reminded this Easter week, of the inevitable Resurrection of his own body...knowing that one day he will be free of these terrible, paralyzing seizures.

~I am so grateful to my Savior Jesus Christ, I stand all amazed at all that He has done for me; for us. His physical death & resurrection allow me & all who ever lived on this Earth the same opportunity to be resurrected...whether we ever repent or not. -And that's amazing! Surely a priceless gift to all. But then the accumulation of all gifts is His amazing Atonement where He suffered for each one of our sins, something I hope to fully comprehend some day. I am forever grateful & in debt to Him for these miraculous & generous gifts. Because of Him I can be with my family and those I love for Eternity. I shudder at the thought of that not being possible; if our lives & relationships were to end at death. Luckily this is not the case because of Him.

"Oh sweet the joy this sentence gives....
I know that my Redeemer Lives."

~Wishing you a Happy Easter to You & Your Family~

**GENERAL CONFERENCE** begins tomorrow at 9am. Can't wait! We will be blessed to hear for 2 days inspiring talks from Church leaders including our dear Prophet, President Monson. It will be extra special with it being Easter weekend as we focus on the Savior's Atonement & Resurrection.

*I think this Easter Sunday just might end up being my favorite day of the year...Sleeping in, the kids opening their baskets, Easter dinner with family & listening to our Prophet all in the comfort of my home.


Miken Harding said...

You always have the best posts! Happy Easter.

Unknown said...

Oh Audy, I am so glad I have had a few minutes to get on the computer and read through my friends blogs, you are so sweet to say such kind words, I feel so honored to be included in your post. We are definitely reassured by the fact that even if this problem never goes away at least we know that one day he will be fully healed through the resurection. I am glad he is doing so much better. He hasn't had any bad seizures since Monday. He has not been wearing the helmet lately, the side of his head took a beating on Monday because of it, but since he doesn't have them like he was having them, he refuses to wear it anymore. You are an amazing girl Audy, I typed woman, but that makes me feel like we are old, so I will keep calling us girls. I love you Audy!