Monday, March 15, 2010

The other tooth...

This video makes me laugh... Daylan singing in the shower "we will, we will rock it."...& then pops up on the count of 3, Jaxson dancing to "Teeth (Pants) on the ground.", tim & i singing (how embarassing), kaylea scared of tim pulling her dental floss. (& don't mind my messy bathroom)

There were plenty of days sitting in front of the mirror, twisting, turning & pulling this last front tooth. Kaylea went to school the last day before Spring Break with it literally dangling from her mouth. She refused to have me pop it out & insisted she wanted her school peers to see the event...and that they did.

At "Circle Time"in class her teacher Mrs. "C" said..."Uh, Kaylea how loose is your tooth?" ...then seeing it hanging there she asked Kaylea if she could pull it. Here was the moment shy Kaylea wanted all the attention on her. Kay said all the kids gathered around her face while her teacher pulled it out. She came home with the coveted "tooth necklace" & looking like this:
Cute or what?
So proud of her little teeth....these just happen to be the same teeth causing Jaxson so much pain at the moment & me loss of sleep. Do they really need to come in for a measly 6-7 years? {sigh}

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Jamie said...

There's a very busy toothfairy at your house! I love those precious toothless smiles...