Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 Months=Learning & Growing

Real Food=Real Poop
{Warning disgusting pic below}
{I warned you....}
Real Poop=Real Baths
Some other things going on in his life:

*Is currently getting in his top 4 teeth at once...(I think the two fang teeth are winning.)
*Grabbing hold of Mom's shoulders & steers me in the direction he wants to go
*Using his adorable little pointer finger to point at what he wants
*Takes 2 wobbly steps before falling sideways to the ground
*Sits in the Shower in the Bumbo patiently while I take my shower
*Loves to make BIG splashes in the bathtub to make Daylan laugh
*Prefers nursing but will take bottles too, using sippy cups too
*Gets his feelings hurt when he doesn't eat what we are for dinner
*Can get him to belly laugh in 2.2 seconds by wrestling, tickling or peek-a-boo
*Sings hymns with the congregation on Sunday during sacrament meeting
...Then yells at the top of his lungs, pointing to the door so I'll take him into the hall
*Is learning to go DOWN the stairs-using "toes-tummy" instead of Falling!
*Loves wrestle time w/ Dad & brothers
*Is picked up by sister the second he starts crying (not so much a good thing)
*Says "Uh-oh", "Mama", "Dada", "baba" & "ah-dun" (all done)
*Crawls FAST as the speed of light!
*Puts anything smaller than a golf ball into his mouth...usually dangerous things
*Dances at the sound of music. :)
*Is beginning to understand the joy of Reading Books
*The world stops when Mom walks into the room (hey.. just stating the truth people)
*Loves Dad's shoulder rides, giggles & pulls his hair
Oh yeah 1 more thing: Melts our Hearts


Jamie said...

Oh, that just makes me want to go hug my Ju-Ju in an attempt to keep him from growing up so fast!

Mmmm, poop. Funny how that isn't nearly as gross as it was with the first kid!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, he is so stinkin cute, I just want to squeeze him. Oh and every kiddo has to have at least one volcanic poo in his life.

Lacey said...

hahaha i was looking with my friend at we both started laughing so hard when we saw the poop picture!! the last picture is the cutest thing i have ever seen!!!