Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Bye & Hello...

Daylan recently said Goodbye to Mrs. Melissa's Preschool. She has been so good to us as Daylan has attended from August through February & he enjoyed his friends there.

BUT...We have been on a waiting list for the Preschool that is just 2 houses around the corner from us, and it finally opened up with a spot for Daylan!

{This will be SO wonderful for these reasons:}

*Jax's nap schedule -as he will now be able to sleep without me waking him to go pick up Dude...(it's so close we can throw a rock at it.)

*Daylan will really get to know all the kids his age from our neighborhood better, that he will be going to school with as he grows up.
~While nothing seems to be very permanent in our lives these days, I think we are learning to really just enjoy the journey & be grateful for the people and friends we meet along the way.~

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