Wednesday, March 26, 2008

*Egg Hunt & BBQ

*We had our annual Curtis family BBQ & Egg Hunt. We had it last Tuesday before the fam headed out of town for Spring Break instead of our normal-day-before-easter tradition. "Aunt Sara" & "Uncle Phylip" set up the fun egg hunt for the kids. Is it me or did Easter come extremely early this year...
*Well here you have it:
 My 3 cheesy-grinners. 
-I think Spence is doing bunny-teeth:} He's getting used to his Big 2 front teeth & trying to figure out where they belong in that mouth of his-

....More Spring Break/Easter to post still..I'm so behind.


Stephanie said...

Keep on rubbing it in!!! Alright I know your weather is awesome, and homemade jam.....yummy! Ya there is snow still on the ground. In fact it snowed today. No Easter egg hunts up here in Idaho:( only indoors.

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

Looks so fun and that pretty green grass looks so nice. Wish we had more traditions as a family. My parents are just too old and crepid I guess. ha ha

Tiffany said...

I love Spences teeth! HILARIOUS! Your kids look so cute!

AudyCamp said...

sorry to make you homesick steph...but you do know u just want to come sit on the soft green grass..ok i'll stop now. haha..
It's okay..there were plenty of easters in flag where it was TOO COLD to do an outdoor egg hunt...maybe next year you'll be there:)