Thursday, December 3, 2009

*Cu*rtis* Family* Reunion*

In November we had this....
The new goal with my Dad and his siblings is to get together every other year with Everyone! This year we celebrated in Gilbert with 3 of the 5 siblings and 4 of the siblings children & grandchildren. Family came from Utah, California, Idaho & all over Arizona.

For 2 Days: We ATE
Played Softball
Shot off Rockets
Played {video} Games
Had a Talent Show
(any pics anyone?...)
~Artists at heart~ Stick Painting with Water
{It runs in the family...skipped me of course but these kids each have a Dad, Aunt or Uncle who are amazing artists.}
....& We ATE some more.
Jim (saying Cheese), Kevin (just killed his meat), & TimBob

My Dad & his twin brother Ron (not really twins)
Grandsons of the LOok-a-like Brothers
Can you guess which one is Jax?: Look-a-likes run in the family I guess.
Jaxson & Kaesen (2nd cousins)
I was asked by my Dad to make a Video to show everyone after the Talent Show. It took a long time to make, as they always do , as I sneakily found & gathered everyone's pictures from Facebook and emails. Throughout the course of making it, I felt an overwhelming love come over me for each of my cousins, siblings, parents, aunts, uncles & grandparents. We have never been able to see each other often, but when we're together that love is there each time. The Video was emotional as we payed tribute to our family's heritage and reflected on the path of our own lives.
It's fun to see our similarities whether it be silly quirks, facial features or the way we laugh.
Some of the Curtis Girls:

Some of the Curtis Guys:
"A Cousin is someone who always has your back."
(I love them!)
Cousins: Alan, Kim, Josh, Me, Jon (& wife Kim)

Grandma & Granddad Curtis
Honoring Our Legacy
Following in their Footsteps....


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

So neat! So fun! You guys get together the right and games! Can't beat that. :)

{she + him} said...

Cute post! I loved all of the pics, you put a lot of work into this post! Thank you for showcasing Tommy & I so well...

Debbie said...

What's the chance of getting at least the big family shot? Love the memories!