Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ready for Take-Off...

So we took the kids out of school before Fall Break a day early for K & D and a week early for Spence. We headed up to Utah for the 10-11 hour drive. 

The Objectives:
 1) attend General Conference with Spence & Kay
2) to attend Granddad Curtis' 90th Birthday Bash
3)  to see our 3 little Sisters in action @ BYU 

~We had to split it into two days so it wasn't so painful. I always think about our ancestors traveling across the plains & then down into Arizona WITHOUT cars or  a.c. How did they do it?!? 
I actually prepared some activities for the kids with ideas I stole from Pinterest. One was a Bingo game they had to mark off as they saw the pictures= train, tree, stop sign, bird, airplane, red car etc.., Another game was finding something out the window that started with each letter of the Alphabet. My favorite hour of the drive!! 

Ok who feels like playing "I Spy" with this next pic?
{"Oh Stephanie?...}
*Spencer's dry patches on arms
*Ryler's friend Elmo staring at him the drive
*Jaxson's messy face
*flip flops
*Kay & Day's dog sticker covered D.S.
*3 pillows
*dry erase marker & ABC practice board
*frog toy for Ry
*1 child who was bound to get carsick even though sitting center & raised in booster seat


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Girl do I know about the car sick kid...no stopping it! Ezra has to travel with a barf bag or we are in serious trouble. I don't let him read, draw or watch movies. He's miserable the entire time.
Thanks for the I Spy fun...you're a good mommy AND a good blogger. You keep us all entertained so well! :)

Stephanie said...

Ha ha..good times! I bet the kids had a blst with that game!

Stephanie Shumway said...

Hey Audra! It's Stephanie (Harward). Just found your cute blog! It was fun to see pics of everyone from Lindsay ward. Good times. Your family is beautiful! Love the cartrip bingo- I'm going to have to go snag it off pinterest for our Utah christmas drive. Take care!