Friday, January 13, 2012

Lovin' BYU Classes, Students & Campus

Kaylea & Auntie Sara--who's more like a big sister 
So the funnest part of the trip was visiting our little sisters 
on the BYU campus.While there, I went to a Book of Mormon Class 
& a Child Development Class with Sara.
{Now we can say I went to BYU... ;)
I think I looked like I fit in pretty good with the young'ens although I was tempted so many times to raise my hand and make comments in the child development class because I felt like I could give a lot of insight...haha.
I actually took notes & learned a ton! Was reminded & relearning things such as "out of sight -out of mind" & Animistic Thinking which is where your 2 yr old thinks inanimate objects have lifelike qualities. The most helpful thing I learned WAS: to try what is often taught by the older Japanese generation. When your child won't eat their veggies, tell them "this carrot is SO sad...he wants to go in your mouth too!"
...Works like a charm with Jax -Try it!!
~Love Learning!~

Tim & I both took turns going to Lacey & Ashlyn's Mission Prep Class. This is a class I think is good for ALL to take since we are all to be "Member Missionaries."  The teacher was amazing and gave wonderful stories, insight & explained doctrine at the same time. That I think, is the recipe for a great teacher.
these cute girlies are looking more and more alike as they get older!
Jaxson's 1st Time Bowling
We went bowling & ate on Campus with the Fam & the other Campbells.
{Spence & Kaylea both announced to us that they would like to go to BYU some day.} 

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Welcome back to the world of blogging. :)
Your trip looks like it was incredible!