Thursday, May 8, 2008

*Salt Lake Temple Wedding

*My cousin Brandon was married Tuesday in the Salt Lake Temple to his new wifey Marcy. They are so adorable together and from what I've seen compliment each other well. I was able to sneak up to SLC & attend their wedding. They were lucky enough to have my friend Jen be their photographer. I can't wait to see those photos! Here's just a few that I snapped while there. *CONGRATS* to them!!
*So I decided that this year must be Marriage Year!* I've had 5 cousins married/sealed recently & have even more announcements in my kitchen for the last of my friends getting married this summer!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Audra for the cute pictures and especially for taking the time from your schedule and family to attend. Such a great friend / cousin to Brandon. Also, would love to have electronic pics - didn't know you got your mom and me! thanks.
love ya back!

Stephanie said...

oh I forgot we will be in AZ Fri. May 30- Sat.June7th

Stephanie said...

You look like one hot mamma in your profile pict!

Unknown said...

Oh yay for Richard :) I am so happy for him, they look like they will be super happy together!