Monday, May 19, 2008

*Site Meter

*So anyone who doesn't have sitemeter, or a similiar site, on their blog should. It is different than just a typical page view counter. **It actually will locate the computer that has visited your site, time of day they were on & for how long, as well as count the number of visits & page views. Another cool thing you can do is click on where it says "who's on" and see who is actually on your blog right then. I just have the basic Free account, but should probably get the premium one.
**Click on the above link to go to site meter or just scroll down to where it says visits on the right and click on the number.


Miken Harding said...

You probably alreday know, but Ali's' dad passed away on Friday. Have a good day.

. said...

I've had one for quite awhile and I love it...there is a map that will pinpoint all of your hits too!

AMY said...

You are so right. I didn't think anyone looked at my blog and now I don't feel so bad. Thank you! You are the blog queen!