Saturday, October 3, 2009

~General Conference

Monday morning when Kaylea woke up she jumped out of bed and the first thing she said to me was randomly:
"Mom, I'm so excited for Saturday.."     
 "You are?..How come?" I asked.

She replied: "Cuz it's General Conference!"

My little heart bursted with joy & maybe a little moisture might have come to my eyes.

Ok so she was probably just excited about the candy involved but still...Music to my ears.

What's been your favorite TALK so far?


Becky said...

Loved the talk about service to others and the story about the dad who asked his kids everyday what they did to serve someone that day. What a great teacher and example to his children!

Unknown said...

I can't really choose a favorite yet, they were all great. I am excited about 5 new temples being built! I love that Kaylea was so excited for conference. My kids didn't quite have the same reaction, but they did pretty good sitting through the sessions in their fort, drawing picts of speakers, eating grapes, and tallying how many times speakers said various words! It always makes me sad when it actually ends until another 6 months. miss ya girl!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

definitely Jeffrey R. Hollands! amazingly powerful!

AudyCamp said...

I know that will go down in History. Goosebumps for sure! How can someone not believe after hearing that?!