Wednesday, February 17, 2010

♥Valentines Weekend♥

Friday began the School Parties.

...I got to come to join two of the celebrations!

Daylan had a blast as always with Kian @ Preschool.

I taught Kaylea's class how to make
Valentines Heart Mice complete with suckers as the tails.

Saturday was Date Night for us since actual Valentines Day would be on the Sabbath. So I dropped the older 3 kids off at a neighbor's house who was doing a huge Valentines Babysitting Night for a bunch of neighborhood kids! It was awesome-5 hours of fun for them & peace for us...well kinda. Tim, Jax & I began our evening with none other than ....drum roll please....
The Car Wash. ~An indulgence these days...
The weather was beautiful and we had the place to ourselves...So apparently most people don't go to the Car Wash for their Valentines Date...who knew.

We thought we were funny & so while we were waiting came up with a great idea! We would look through the card selection there, find one we wanted to "give" each other and then hand it over & read...without paying. Brilliant...or what? Yeah I thought so...until I read mine. Tim must not have remembered that we were celebrating Valentines. ....Jerk!..-Just kidding. On the card was some fat lady saying something stupid. Mine to him was of course thoughtful and kind. Maybe we'll try it again another time. {We still had a good laugh out of it of course.}

Then we went across the street to where all the restaurants were and found all the missing people!....We had dinner at Logan's Roadhouse, devoured those perfectly yummy rolls & then Tim picked up a Big Paradise Bakery Cookie with my name on it. We ate it while cuddling up to watch the movie for the rest of the evening.
From my Father In Law: He always sends something to his daughters on Valentines and kindly includes his 2 daughter in laws as well.
Sunday EARLY morning we pulled the kids
out of bed to eat this.....
and went to 8am church to show our LOVE
Gma Debbie, Gpa Lonnie & Ash joined us for our Romantical Italian Lunch
Sunday after church...{we had spaghetti-can you tell by Daylan's face?}
Then we gave the Kiddos their Lil' Gifts..
{Usually inside the bags are Something to Read, Something to Wear,
Something to Eat & Something to Play with.}
Each of the kids made us and each other homemade favorite part of the holiday.
Later that afternoon we dropped off treats/valentines to Grandparents, Aunt & Uncles & the kids received their chocolate treats from Gma Kathy & Gpa Tom.

We are grateful that we have so many people to L❤ve & have so many who Lve us!

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Debbie said...

Kevin here. The card idea was indeed brilliant. Can you teach that to my Dad... so he stops giving us 4-5 cards each birthday because he is so indecisive?