Tuesday, February 8, 2011

January=Medical Emergency Month

*{Post for Journaling Purposes}

this picture makes me wanna cry:
The unwelcome hospital tradition began Christmas week of 2002. Kaylea was hospitalized with RSV at only 3 months old & came home just in time for Christmas Eve. The best Christmas present ever was to just be out of the Hospital & together with my family. I didn't care about anything else but the safety and well being of them. Christmas morning she still struggled to breathe but she was healing and would be okay.

It seems like every year since then, our family gets sick the week of Christmas & instead of last minute getting ready lists, I am just praying that all will be better Christmas day.

Last year just days before Christmas again, I had the phone in my hand about to call 911 about 2am as Kaylea's lips turned more and more blue. She has the tendency to get croup in a matter of seconds-usually in the middle of the night & it becomes scary really fast. Tim took her straight to the Hospital & she was immediately taken back & given a steroid shot in her bum. Like magic she was okay & breathing close to normal again. Again we were all well and together Christmas day. Christmas miracles are real.

This year just like clockwork, after a long night of croup on December 22nd I took Kaylea into the doctor on the 23rd. She was given an oral steroid allowing her to be okay once again for Christmas Eve & Day.

Then begins January....
Ever since last year I have begun to hate this month & now call it 
Medical Emergency Month. 

Last year just 4 days into the new year was the Check's car accident-all were okay yet there was lots of bruising, whiplash & Ava needing stitches. Brother in law Scott was hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning...And of course Ron's ladder accident-causing broken foot/infection almost needing leg amputation. This resulted in weeks of hospital stay & numerous surgeries. This consumed our lives almost every day for the rest of the month...  + some.

January this year just days into the 2011 new year, cousin Miley who's just older than Jax, had 2 frightening febrial seizures.-one of the scariest things you can see happen to your child! She was later sent to Cardon's Childrens Hospital so she could get higher care. After 105 fevers that wouldn't go down she was given a spinal tap to check for menegitis. She was cleared of that but was diagnosed with pneumonia/RSV requiring a couple day hospital stay. My Dad was hospitalized twice. After days of immense back pain, he got to the point where he couldn't move at all. My mom called 911 & the paramedics needed to give him an I.V. of morphine before they could even transport him to the hospital. It took over half an hour just to get a vein to cooperate. (must be where I get it from) Finally after that was in place, it took 5 paramedics to get him out of bed, down the stairs & into the ambulance. Weeks later he is still recovering and hoping to get some answers to this long term issue. He is dealing with other health issues as well & will have surgery in the coming weeks.
Then of course Daylan's hot dog choking incident at Emmie's party...scary, & drama that I wish we didn't have to throw into the Check's day.  Then next was Jax when he got a terrible fever bug. He had 4 long days and 4 long nights of high fevers & a gunky cough we tried to keep clear so it wouldn't turn into pneumonia....which it actually did! Kaylea got it too but not as bad. I get paranoid especially when she gets fevers since she is my febrial seizure child. Tim's Mom has had more heart-angina attacks these past few weeks which are semi routine now but still scary.

All I can say is HELLO FEBRUARY....We Welcome You!
...Please be a bit nicer than January has been.


Tiffany said...

I agree Audra! Let it warm up... I'm tired of all the sickness around!

Jen said...

My goodness! What a long list of unpleasantness! I hope February is better for you too!

Brian and Janette said...

Sorry to hear about Uncle Tom. We'll keep him in our prayers and hope he recovers soon.

Unknown said...

WOWZERS! I can see why you welcome February. What scary stuff!!!!!!!! Love you Audy!