Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spencer's {last} Pinewood Derby

~This adorably cute Webelo Scout is our very own Spencer. He along with his Dad made his rad Pinewood Derby car. (with a little help from Mom too) He named it the "Green Arrow" since that became the shape and the original Campbell design. Tim did a little online research to find out what makes the cars go extra fast & where to have the "weight" of the car.

*Spencer ended up winning 4th Place in ALL!*  ..out of 25 boys & their cars. And not to forget his award for the Strangest Shape. 
(which I guess is a compliment for a boy.)

Here HE is WINNING one of his races:
Look closely at the sly motion of his arms in the "YES-I did it"-Position.
We did a Nascar Racing Theme. 
~Our Cub Master & Committee Chair are the creative minds behind it all. I'm just one of the worker bees as Bear Leader. I wish I would've got more pictures of the the tables I decorated to look like a road -Black tablecloths with yellow crate paper as the street lines.
~We even had our News Reporter "Ruby Red" aka Lisa, a row of Radio Commentators, Security guards, a Camera Man documenting it all & projecting it on the Big Screen! The beginning ceremonies were awesome with the boys running in to the Music, flashing lights and even Paparazzi!
It was a fun time!


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Way to go Spencer!
That looks like a fun night...and 4th place...that's rad...just like your car!
Ezra's 1st Pinewood Derby is coming up pretty soon and he's more excited than I've ever seen him. Funny how fast cars get a boys heart racing just as fast. :)

Stephanie said...

So cute! I love the one of Spencer watching his car...and his fan club in the back.