Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st Day(s) of School

Here we are doing the traditional front door 1st Day of School picture.
Daylan & Kaylea began school July 27th so here they are (while the rest of the fam lay in bed still) It was so great to hear them as they got in the car when I picked them up that day!

They both talked a mile-a-minute about how it was the greatest day ever!! They both said it flew by...even Daylan who had just experienced his 1st FULL day of school ever! Our conversation was about: how great their snacks were & who they sat by at lunch, what they did on the playground and who they sit by in class. 

Kaylea is in a 3rd/4th Grade combo class this year & LOVES it! I'm so glad that she is so that she can be pushed to learn even more! She is also still in ELP where she will ride a bus to a different school every Monday. She is loving that too. I'm so glad that my kids love to learn!

(Hopefully the driving doesn't become overwhelming as we are still in our rental house & driving back to our old neighborhood for school.)
Daylan had a BLAST...can you tell? His 1st FULL day of school ever & ALL SMILES!
Then almost 3 weeks later, it was Spencer's turn to leave me for his 1st Day of School. {It was such a blessing to have him NOT in school during this time so he could help me as I was a single mom for a few weeks helping nurse Tim back to everyday life stuff after his knee surgery. Meds, Learning to Walk, Chauferring etc. Spence was a huge help!}
We just decided to keep up with the tradition of having him go to a NEW SCHOOL EVERY YEAR since Kindergarten!! No really though we felt he would be pushed so much more at this new Charter School.

Although he was the only new kid in his class, he ended up knowing like 6 people...plus more on the playground from other classes. That is the advantage of having LIVED everywhere!!...knowing so many people. He is enjoying this more structured way of schooling & is catching on quickly to their phonograms & ways of doing things.
*It is going to be a wonderful year and I feel so blessed to be in this spectacular community!*

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Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Look at all those grown up kids!!!!! When the heck did that happen?! We're getting too old. ;)
It's been fun for Ezra and Kian to catch glimpses of Spencer at school every once in a while. Glad he's catching on and adjusting so well....another bonus of moving a lot. :)