Thursday, August 4, 2011

Haboob={Crazy} Dust Storm

A new word to add to your Vocabulary.

Not your typical monsoon storms...

On July 5th, an End of the World looking dust storm came rolling in & hit most of the Valley.  I SO wish I would've gotten a pic of how we saw it coming towards us out our back window... but I was so wrapped up in the moment that I didn't think to grab my camera. (Yes I do have those moments from time to time.) Here is a picture from someone's cell phone of downtown Phoenix as it started to brew there.

In the home we're in right now it is close to the San Tan Mountains. Tim called for me to come quick & look out the window. It looked exactly like this photo but CLOSER so we had to look straight up to see the top. I heard that it was 2 miles high!

I didn't do any crazy damage as far as I know, but most everyone I talked to had a thick layer of dirt on the front/back patios. It even blew so hard that it came through windows & left a thin layer of dust INSIDE the house. My kids played "Wizard of Oz" as it happened & ran to the basement as it shook the house a bit & blew loud noises through the windows.

I LOVE MONSOON season cuz it means my Birthday is closeby..

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