Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cousin Campout

It all began when we were having the discussion with Kaylea. She said that towards the end of the school year last year her Music teacher had asked who in the class had gone camping. Kaylea said she was the ONLY one to not raise here hand. How sad is that? Can you say DEPRIVED of a necessary childhood experience!!

Tim (the non camper) instigated a "COUSIN CAMPOUT" for us all to do this summer {in June}. You see Kaylea's cousins the Lundells are the official campers with every camping luxury possible, making it more appealing. And so that is just what they did.
the one time the kids could get away with such dirty faces!
The Clan included Tim, Spence, Kaylea, Daylan, (I stayed home with the 2 littlest) Grandpa Ron, The Lundell Family, Flagstaff Campbell Family, The Check's + Sophie.
(Thanks to Heidi for most of these pics.)
The kids say that some of the Highlights included:

*Beanbag Toss (adults had the most fun)
*Movie Time (watching on sheet from projector)
*Jumping in the freezing cold water (my crazy kids only)
*Being told by the Park Ranger that Bears were seen the day before in the area...(they set up traps in their actual campsite amidst all their tents!)
*Fishing in the Creek (Grandpa caught one with his bare hands!)
(spence & kaylea said they caught some with their bare hands too!... oh fish stories!)

I'm glad the kids could have this experience with their cousins...Kaylea is officially a "real kid" now.

Meanwhile Jax, Ryler & I camped out too...on my bed! We stayed home snuggling on our comfy bed & enjoyed not camping but Ry wore his tent shirt too celebrate. :) {~Ryler was only 5 weeks old at the time & I still couldn't sit up comfortably on my own. There's always next time...ha.}


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

It makes me smile to think of the things that make kids being the only one who hasn't been camping. It looks like when Kaylea FINALLY got to go she did it in style. :) Movies and all.

Frolicking Night Owl said...

hmmm.... my oldest went camping ... once. i guess we're not doing so hot in that dept either. :) it's too much work and mess for me. :)