Friday, October 21, 2011

*Ryler=5 Months*

I can't believe my baby is already so old. What happened?!

He is scooting/crawling all across the floor...and quickly I might add. I can't keep up...literally. Look closely below: I had placed Ry on that colorful playmat in the left corner, I left the room for just minutes and BOOM he was underneath the piano on the other side of the room.

Oh and every morning he has a little computer time..checking to see what his peeps are up to.
In this pic I think you can tell really how big he is getting as he is up against Jax. These two are loving being brothers. They both have smiles that just melt my heart. 
{Check out those chunka it!}

A few days ago he tried his first taste at real food (Rice Cereal) & just acted like it was no big deal.

~I love this kid so much. He makes my heart so incredibly happy. ~I laugh when I look at him because I just can't believe I never "planned" on him coming...Oh but Heavenly Father did & I am so so glad that He is in charge and not me.~

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Unknown said...

Audy he is so stinking cute, I want to hold him so bad!