Sunday, July 29, 2007

*I just LOVE pictures:)

Yesterday Kristal came & took some pics of the kids. Daylan had just had a terrible 2's tantrum right before & Spence was anxious to play with friends who were waiting in the hallway, so the boys didn't really cooperate. But she caught some of these cute pics of Kaylea on her bed. After that we had "craft day" here at my house with Vonda (Kristal's Sis) & Koe (from E.A.) and we made these fun memory boards.


TJ and LaChae Booth said...

Hi-Audra-this is LaChae! This is crazy-I am amazed at this! Hooray for blogging! Your family is so cute! We should keep in touch!

sarajane said...

those pics are so cute. i love it! i want some of them!