Tuesday, July 31, 2007

*Elder Curtis' 6 Month Mark!

Today marks Danny's 6 month mark since he officially entered the MTC. He is now serving in Seoul Korea & lovin' it. He's told us some funny stories like when him & his companion rescued a lady being attacked by a squirrel! Seriously..I know it sounds like a SNLive skit, but knowing Danny..his like IS a SNL skit. Also he said that the local kids kept sneaking in their apt. when they were out & would steal their shoes for fun, although returning them later. The Korean people love the elders & he says they are sometimes bowed to as they are passed in the streets. We sure hope he keeps safe over there right now. *Oh how we miss our Danny but know he's where he is supposed to be!


. said...

I can't believe Danny is on a mission. Do you know how old that makes us?

Frolicking Night Owl said...

6 months ... that's cool. He's kinda over by my sister ... she's in Taiwan and getting close to 12 months ... it's going fast...sometimes. :)


Unknown said...

Ok that squirrel story is hilarious, wish it would have been caught on tape.