Friday, July 13, 2007

*Oh..those Life Lessons

**Ok- So this must be the month for "Broken things." To add to the list with my broken laptop & camera; Yesterday in the Walgreens parking lot when I was trying to back out of a parking spot, our Escalade just stopped working! It just broke. It wouldn't go in Reverse, so I had to go into neutral (but it wouldn't show me what gear I was in, which was scary) just to get out of the parking spot. I called roadside assistance & while turning the car off/on again 4 times, it worked enough to let me get home. -another prayer answered by my "faithful"son Spence-

*The other faith promoting story happened last week when we were driving back as a family (in a rental car) from Rexburg to SLC. While Tim was on the phone with an important business call, we failed to notice we had NO GAS left. Suddenly we began to putt-putt in the fast lane. We carefully went over 2 lanes to the shoulder & putted our way up the exit ramp. I said "Ok kids -say a prayer!.." As I looked up I heard Tim say: "I think it's already been answered." There was a gas station about 1/2 mile away. Tim ran his fastest as we sat in the hot car. Daylan was asleep & had been throwing up earlier that day. I was scared that he might get REALLY sick in that hot car. As Spencer/Kaylea both prayed simultaneously for the "Wind" they soon came & so did my tears. I called my Mom for some more comfort & while still at the Reunion, all their prayers were with us. Within a short time, I saw my little Timmy running back in the record Idaho heat with a red gas can...More tears came.

*As we completed the drive back to the airport, & after seeing "Zero" more gas stations right off an Exit ramp, I realized something; an important lesson. In my mind I began to compare "Life lessons" (could be the little annoying trials OR the BIG ones) to teaching my kids how to swim. I had a lightbulb moment.
**In order for our kids to learn how to SWIM, they must struggle 1st in order to LEARN. It's hard for us as parents to not just reach in there & save them from the struggle. BUT we know as parents in order for them to really learn for THEMSELVES, they must first STRUGGLE. Although the struggle, we as PARENTS are standing right above them making sure they don't drowned! **I believe our Heavenly Father does the SAME with us!-He lets us struggle so we can learn, but then catches us before we drowned!**


Jen-ben said...

Ah, thanks for that! I love stories like that! You're so great.

Frolicking Night Owl said...

Hi Audy,

Good stories!


Miken Harding said...

Um...I thought i was reading an article in the Ensign....good job! Way to teach those little ones. Keep on keepin on!

Unknown said...

Ok how silly I look sitting here tearing up reading your blog, but I've been there and totally know that grateful feeling. It is amazing how our childrens prayers are so sincere and said with perfect faith. Love ya!