Wednesday, August 1, 2007

*Officially Opened*

**We opened this last Friday & had a whoppin' good time! We are very excited for our Queen Creek Dippin Dots Store, being that there is such a need of some stinkin' good places to eat out that way. Come & visit us on Ellsworth & Ocotillo! (Carrie & Mason are runnin the Gilbert /Guadalupe store. Visit them too! BTW Happy Birthday Mason.)Come grab a Dots, or a Dots float, Dots milkshake, Dots Solar Freeze or Dots cookies or Dots Cakes! C ya there!-Aud


sarajane said...

ooh yum yum. how fantabulous!

Unknown said...

So cool Audy! My sister Nicky wants to know where you live out there, if you go to the same building, etc. You guys should get together sometime, I bet her girls and Kaylea would have a blast playing together. Her little boy is only a little over a year, but I bet he and Daylin would have fun too. She has already been to Dip and Dots twice with her girls, they loved it! We serioulsy need to get together sometime.

Frolicking Night Owl said...

Yum ... I need some of that!