Tuesday, August 14, 2007

*Happy Birthday Debbie*

Today is (Tim's Mom), Debbie's Birthday! She is 55 but doesn't look a day over 39. Hehe:) She is a Mother to 7 & Grandma to 18. Debbie is a very generous person; often quietly helping someone in need. She loves the Beach so much that she lives on it..literally;-although she likes being on the sand much more than the water!- She makes us all laugh with her bold opinions & her belief that she speaks many languages. Debbie is fun to be around and always keeps the conversation exciting!
*Have a Great Birthday Debbie*


Debbie said...

WOW WHATa trubute, You are so quick to remember..I could learn alot from you..Next time you are cruisin by Laguna beach ,stop in and teach me afew things like,how to take cute pictures,be organized,do a blog,be cute..(forget the last one tooo late).....What a sweet ribute to Pres. Faust as well, great man..He is HOme now...Once again thank you for a swift and eloquently written blog on my ?? birthday....love you TASKD love Debbie, mom, and grandma Debbie

AudyCamp said...

Hope U had a great DAy & great time with the Osmonds! Wahoo!