Tuesday, August 7, 2007

*Spencer survives his 1st day

Ok so here's a couple pics I took of my handsome lil' man before he left for school this morning. Him @the bus stop looking up at the big kids. (Thankfully they're good kids from church.) So I did totally follow the bus to and from school though, making sure he got to where he was supposed to be. He did fine on his first day of 2nd grade & has a new friend named Marc. He did say though that the recess teacher yelled at him for "going down the pole" & he gets 5 minutes Time Out tomorrow...Ok why are people mean again?..Um that's funny I thought fire pole on the playground was to play on...Oh goodness. My little boy's growin up-dealing with all the reality of the world! Maybe he'll realize how nice I really am! Haha:) He did still snuggle with me before bed tonight, so hopefully he's not growin' up too fast. Love ya Buddy!

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Rusten,Danae & Munchkins said...

I can't believe he's already in 2nd grade!! Time is flying by...
Also Happy Birthday Tim.