Friday, August 24, 2007

*Desk Update

-Ok so I took a picture like I promised this morning since it's Friday. Not too much changed since last week. So really the only difference is that my pile of paper's is a little higher on the left & my video camera's on there. (The stack of cd's is still hiding behind the still-broken computer.) I really think this is helping, knowing that I have to document it every week. Boring for you; Helpful for me:)


. said...

I am impressed, and I like your phone(is it functional?)

AudyCamp said...

oh yea, my antiquish one? It's fun & yes it's functional. Good eye.
Yes you probably are impressed since you've lived with me before & u know I can get cluttery:)

Jen-ben said...

good job! If this is your biggest problem spot in your house, you need to come to my house and teach me how to get my kids to clean up after themselves!