Sunday, August 19, 2007

*HS Musical 2

So we began our weekend watching the record-breaking
"High School Musical 2." We had a little party with the kids. *Spence & Kaylea were SO excited along with the other 17.7 million viewers that watched it that night. So isn't it nice that something clean & wholesome could make a record like that?!! Spencer's in a singing group that learned the song "What time is it?", so he sang along with the movie. Kaylea leaned over & whispered to me that she had a crush on "Troy" & "Jason." She's boy-crazy & I just can't figure out shere she got it from:) hehe

*Another musical we saw this weekend: Saturday Night Tim & I went to see the last performance of "Footloose" at the Gilbert Hale Theatre.
It brought back some fun 80's memories with the music my friends & I used to dance to.


Kristal said...

Um, I'll tell you where Kaylea got if from...does "MONTY" ring a bell???!!!
Ok, I'm jealous your kids like that kind of thing. I always try to find reason to have little family's usually just when a movie comes on video and we have a video party. I need to get them hooked on a show besides spongebob.

. said...

I was just thinking about Monty and posing by the cotton sign on his truck! My kids were so sad we missed HSM2 on Friday, I'm glad to hear it was awesome!

sarajane said...

What time is it ?! haha i need to hear spence sing that!

Frolicking Night Owl said...

still haven't seen the first movie ... guess we need to do that!

Theresa said...

Hi Audra - thanks for the comment a while back - you can link me...My kid totally loves these movies, too. He watches them over and over. We, too, had to watch HSM2 on Friday - such fun!

Crystal said...

Audra - hey! It's Crystal! It's nice to see how you're doing. This blog thing is crazy, I keep finding my Thatcher friends. I have EAC dreams every night! I'm trying to get Marianne to start a blog so she can catch up with people too.