Thursday, November 15, 2007

*The Journaling 8's*

(Kristal made me do it:)

*8 things I'm passionate about:
8. blogging as of late:-}
7. my testimony of the Gospel
6. anything chocolate
5. antiques ( home decor, etc...)
4. my Family & geneology
3. PICTURES! , taking 'em, looking at 'em, messing with 'em, hanging 'em
2. My awesome kids.
1. My sexy husband

*8 things I want to do before I die:
8. Travel the world with hubby
7. swim again with dolphins (this time w/ tim)
6. hot air baloon ride
5. Raise happy, healthy, amazing kids
4. ...have more kids & be a Grandma
3. strengthen family relationships
2. talk with the prophet
1. write more music

*8 things I often say:
8. What the heck?
7. Freakin' A!
6. Who's your favorite Mom?
5. Oh..Spencearama!
4. Kaylea get in here right now!!!
3. Day-Day give mom a kiss.
2. Tim-Bob!
1. boom shacalaca

*8 books I've recently read:
(Uh I'm gonna cheat cuz uh... books what are those-?
maybe when kids are magazines count?)
8. Mary, Martha & Me
7. Book of Mormon
6. Letters To Emily
5. Friend magazine to my kids
4. Nick Jr. mag
3. TONS of kids books to Kay & Dude "If U give a mouse a cookie" etc.
2. People magazine -lame i know
1. Ensign magazine

*8 things I could listen to over and over:
8. primary kids singing "Scripture Power" & "I Am a Child of God"
7. Eliott Yamin 's (singing voice)
6. Brian dreamy
5. Josh Groban
4. Daylan saying: "Mommy By You", "Hold You Mommy", "Need You Mommy"
3. Kay singing: Jonas Brothers/Hannah Montana songs at the top of her lungs
2. Spence saying: "Love you Mom" before he goes to sleep
1. my mom saying: "So when do you want the kids to have Grandma Day?"

*8 things that attract me to my bestfriends:
8. HAVE to make me laugh;-}
7. Tell me I'm cute even when I'm not
6. Love my kind of music & will dance dorky to it with me
5. They know when to call or email
4. Know my code names for things, people and places
3. They trust me/I trust them
2. Understand my humor
1. Bonus: Sing duets with me:)

*8 things I've learned this past year:
8. It's good to be back home!
7. It's good to go on dates again!
6. It's awesome to have Aunt Sara babysit the kids!
5. My kids hardly get sick when we live in Gilbert.
4. Stressing gets you nowhere!!
3. The more downtime I spend with the kids, the happier we all are!
2. You don't have to fill your life to have a full life.
1. No matter what happens...we'll still be okay!!!

Alright, now I'm tagging 8 people: Steph, Danae, Brynn, Brooke, Carrie, Tiff, Tracey, Lace & whoever the heck else wants to :}

**Go at it it for your posterity!


Brooklyn said...

Such a cute post Audra! Bo always says boom-shakalaka too and my kids think it is the funniest thing ever! You have such a stong family and spirit. I lvoe reading your blogs and seeing you on Sundays :) I told my momma about your blog. I agree with so many things you said, I am so much happier when we have down time at home together too. Thanks for the uplift! :)

Unknown said...

Awesome crazy 8's! I love the "you dont have to fill your life to have a full life" saying, whoever says that must be a real intellectual. BTW I love all your nakey pictures, never stop taking them, well stop when they get too big or that would be wierd.

Tia said...

did you not tag me cause you knew I wouldn't do this, well I actually just might do it! Anyway I love knowing some of your darkest secrets :)

Ezra & Kian said...

Gotta have People magazine! It's my guilty pleasure too! Actually...I feel no guilt over it!!!! And you are cute--always!

AudyCamp said...

see kathleen that's why you're my friend cuz you fib for me:)

tia i was doing reverse phychology on you & it worked!!

Aleia said...

Those were some FUN facts! I didnt know you wrote music?

Miken Harding said...

Hey email is i'll give you the rest when you email me. Thanks for your comments! Love keepin in touch this way!

Tiffany said...

That was so fun....I love reading those but I'm not doing it! Too much thinking for me! I learned more about you though! Your a really good mom audra!

Kristal said...

Ok, Audra, you knew me during me mean weird days at EA...does it at all worry you that so many of our answers are the same? And I'd LOVE to hear you say Freaking A! I say it about every day, but sweet little Audra?! NO way! I say who's your favorite mom too! Kam usually says daddy. PUNK! Anyways, I LOVED reading this! Good stuff.

♥ Natalie said...

I enjoyed reading this post - It's always so much fun to learn about others. What FUN facts! Loved it.