Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1st Day Back to School

So yesterday was the kids REAL 1st day of school since last semester we home schooled. Here is Kaylea -in jammies & all- saying bye to Spencer in the morning. 
(This is why we're doing AFTERNOON Kindergarten.)
Uh Mom why is the sun coming up right now?
SPENCER-the 3rd Grader
KAYLEA-the Kindergartner
Pure cuteness!
Daylan saying Bye to Kaylea. (It was HIS idea to jump in the picture & hug her.)
And a couple hours later...
"Mom, Mom I gotta tell you about my day!
*Kaylea rode the bus for the 1st time. (Spencer rode it too but he had already started walking away with a friend he made.) Kaylea was a PRO with this whole school thing. She was quite excited about the playground scene. She came home & said half way out of breath: "Mom a girl asked me to be her friend. Her name is Haylee & she kinda looks like me...She even has a CTR ring." It was pretty funny and oh so cute!

*Spencer's day went pretty good although he forgot how long a real school day is. He admitted he misses homeschool. One funny thing he said was: "Mom-You were right..I think I AM the smartest kid in my class cuz me & my partner finished our packet first...and then he told the other kids 'You guys are gonna want Spencer as your partner...he knows all the answers." 


Unknown said...

Wow I bet Day misses them. I have no doubt Spence is the smartest by far. I also love that Kaylea found a friend with a CTR ring on! Are you sad tehy are in reg school now or is it kinda nice?

Jeni Everett said...

Yeah for the kids and school. Of course Spencer is the smartest kid in the class, would you expect anything less??!! Tell him he was my smartest second grade piano student ever:) We miss you guys. I cannot wait to be in a ward with you again...we will just give it a few years.

Stephanie said...

Gees I must have pregnancy hormones too! That made me teary eyed. Yeah for a awesome first day back to school!!!!!

Jen-ben said... tender Audra! I love your make me love them because of all of the things you write. Don't you feel so blessed?
You are fabulous!

Shawna said...

Such a cute post. The one of Kaylea running home from the bus is so sweet. Good photo too!
Your kids are so cute and I love how they all love each other. So sweet!

♥ Natalie said...

No more Home School posts?! I am sad! But happy for you and your cute kids. You are such a great Mommy!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

I love that picture of Kaylea with the bus in the background.

Rachel Hanchett said...

what school did you decide to put them in? I'm going through the whold kdg registration process for Rory right now!