Friday, January 2, 2009

*The Magic of Christmas Eve

Our Christmas "Eve"-ning typically begins about 4pm 
(so that we can fit both of our families' festivites in!)
 *1st order of business= opening Christmas Jammies!
Then off to Grandma Kathy & Grandpa Tom's for Mexican Food!
COUSIN TIME with Carson & Ethan!

Kaylea (my animal lover -YES she is my biological daughter!)
petting Hazel & hoping Santa brings her a dog the next morning. 
I heard Santa was out of dogs this year.

A highlight of the night was when my brother Danny (Elder Curtis) got to phone call home from Korea! At 5pm here it was already 9 am Christmas morning there. It was great hearing his happy voice & we are excited to see him in February!
Sibling Time!-waiting for the Christmas Program to begin.

*Grandpa Tom reads the Christmas Story from Luke 2
SPENCER-*The Nativity Song-on piano
KAYLEA-sang *I'm Gettin Nothin' for Christmas
*Jolly Old St. Nicholas-on piano
DAYLAN, CARSON & ETHAN-sang*Jingle Bells & Once There Was a Snowman
SPENCER-*If I Had Been A Little Child (when Jesus came to Earth...)

*Grandma Kathy read the story Christmas Oranges & then the grandkids each picked an orange off their tree. A new tradition that we love!

~We then quickly run out the door to Grandma Debbie & Grandpa Lonnie's for their program. It begins with all the grandchildren acting out the nativity. We even had 6 wk old Miley to be baby Jesus.We have a large assortment of angels and shepherds.
*Then the 21 grandkids took turns performing Christmas songs by piano, singing & dance. Our kids performed the same songs as earlier in the night. This time however Daylan sang with Roc & Zane "Jinger Bells."-yes jinger not jingle. They shook the bells as they sang.
Afterwards we head over to the neighborhood Santa & Mrs. Clause (friend of Grandpa's) who set up their house as if it were the North Pole.
Pictures with Santa & the Mrs (...oops they're kinda covered up.)

We went back to G & G McCleve's & heard that the REAL Santa was in the neighborhood! All the kiddos ran upstairs & turned out the lights just in the nick of time before Santa came Ho Ho Ho-ing through the front door. 

We snuck out the back door & raced home.
Last order of Business=Setting out cookies & milk for Santa
(Oops forgot cookies this year! Cracker Jacks count?)

And then off to bed before the big jolly guy came!


Jamie said...

What fun memories you guys are creating for your kids! Uh, Santa Claus was out of dogs at our house too.

kwistin said...

Oh, I loved this little record of your Christmas Eve! Christmas always seems more magical when there are kids around, and yours are wonderful. However, it also wouldn't mean much without the parents there to instill these fabulous traditions and meaning to the holiday! Good work! :)

Unknown said...

Wow that sounds like a busy but very fun night, I love that your kids sang and performed, that is awesome!

Heather Jeppsen said...

When do you get to find out what you are having? Glad you guys had a great Christmas.

Aleia said...

those are some great Christmas traditions!

Kathy said...

It was a fun night! And, who can forget our Christmas Eve phone call from Elder Danny all the way from Korea? Love the pictures of the grandkiddies.