Wednesday, January 7, 2009

...The rest of the Trip

 FIRST thing in the morning.....Wii, Wii & more Wii!

Lots of CHILLIN' on the couch~Football & my Mac

kids playin on the beach

playin tennis 
Tim & his Mama
Lonnie & Tim (no they didn't plan their team outfits:)
The "Ball Girl & Ball Boy"
they fetched all the loose balls for the tennis players
CHEESE!     Aw..."Kids These Days"

LOTS of card games
Lacey & Spence playing Solitaire
Dude & Kay Kay in a game of Rummikub

Goin' out to dinner again! @ Savannahs~
Tim: "Arrgh...Lacey did you have to take that last piece of bread?"
Taking a bite of my delicious halibut with mushrooms & asparagus
could you just pinch these cheeks?Cute couple 
Lonnie's thinking "Why does this family take so many pictures?"
Can you believe this is the view from Tim's parents back porch!


Tia said...

I have to say those cheeks are pretty dang cute! Congrats on the baby, I proabably would have shed a few tears on having another boy, but then you think your right how can I be sad! Miss you!

Stephanie said...

I do want to pich those cheeks cute!

Anonymous said...

Great view! I'd be over at "Grandma and Grandpa's" every weekend! :) Looks like you guys had a nice relaxing trip---those are the best kinds. Are you sure you're pregnant? You don't look like it. ;)