Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We waited 2 Years to see this smiling face & on Friday we did!

6 of our 7 siblings -missing Stephanie:(

(Steph this VIDEO's for you...grab a tissue.)
...pause side music..

*Uncle Danny (Elder Curtis) served faithfully for 2 years in South Korea as a LDS missionary. He already misses the land & the people but we are thrilled to welcome him home! 
We love you Dan! 


Shawna said...

How exciting for your family. Homecomings are such a neat time. Reminds me of my brothers and sister that came home. I relived moments from each homecoming.

You looks so dang cute Audra. Love the little belly!

. said...

I know that was totally for Steph, but it made me cry anyway! Danny was just a little bit older than Spence and Allen, when we got married! We are going to be waiting at the airport for our boys before we know it!

Unknown said...

OK I just bawled too, that was awseome! Audy you are so good with video's and making movies. When I saw your mom hug him, I imagined us hugging our boys when they get home. Hope you guys are having a ton of fun catching up!

The Ashlocks said...

How exciting. Looks like a great homecoming!

Lacey said...

wow, time really does fly! that is crazy! what an exciting time..i will be experiencing the farewell part soon!

Stephanie said...

It doesn't look like my comment posted yeaterday. Thanks for the video, I had to watch it twice so I could see the screen! I felt like I was there, thanks for the bawlfest!

Anonymous said...

Was Stephanie the only one allowed to cry when she watched that video? I totally did too and I don't know why! Apparently I feel stronger about Danny than I thought. :) I'm so happy he made it home safe and sound. Tell him that Brig needs someone to brush up on his Korean with.