Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Something to think about:

~I think one of the plagues of Our Day is that as a whole we strive so much to look & act like celebrities in the magazines & movies. Why are they our role models to how we should look or should have our hair or how we should dress?...the purse we should carry or the shoes we should wear.

....And boy when they talk we LISTEN to them, WATCH them & then of course COPY them! Remind you at all of the term graven images? Isn't our culture in a way worshiping these people? Isn't our culture taking & quoting the words that these celebrities say as if it were practically scripture!?...and of course following them more than actual scripture. Let's not forget the mindset of our liberal country today & remember how we got here...Uh hem...Yes Hollywood.

~Let's not also forget to mention that these are probably some of the most CoNfuSed people on earth! Sure they might have fabulous hair, clothes & accessories, BUT just because they're  SMILING on the red carpet does that mean they are truly HAPPY? No. Then why are we striving so hard to emulate them? Because we want our hair, nose, lips to look like the girl on the magazine cover? Why do we let them tell us what our society must be like? C'mon we're smarter than this!....aren't we?

*And just so we all remember that even celebrities are Human! Click here for some pictures!

Hey if we all had personal trainers, chefs, cosmetic surgeries, legendary makeup artists, expensive makeup & designer clothes wouldn't we all end up looking "that" way. But is that really what we want? I think not!-although the adversary might lead us to believe so & often I think we fall for it. Especially us girls & women who are bombarded with images of what we should ...I mean must look like.
*Does this become a priority in our lives to become this ideal image?

What are your thoughts?


Jeni Everett said...

Yeah Audra! Great thought! This world is so messed up with crazy infatuations and greed. Let us vow to love ourselves and be happy with what we have!!

Frolicking Night Owl said...

eww...scary celeb photos!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the reminder. Isn't it amazing how caught up we can get into the opinions, fashion, political, otherwise, of these people we don't know and yet idolize? I have to say, though, I do feel not so bad about no makeup after I saw those pictures. Yay, we're all just regular people!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

You are so deep. Thanks for the thought of the day!

venessa said...

Ladies, check out Audra, maybe you can do a follow up post on this topic, so many visit your blog and are paying attention to this topic.
PS you look SOOO cute being SOO natural and pregnant, beautamous.