Friday, February 20, 2009

Snow on the Desert Mountains!

Last week we enjoyed some beautiful rainy weather here in the valley. One day I awoke to take Spence to school & saw this site out my window:

It made me miss Flagstaff-at least for a second... I don't miss driving in the snow/ice but I DO MISS being able to look out my upstairs window and seeing the beautiful snow covered San Francisco Peaks. So this site here has motivated us to make the drive up soon to play in the snow before it all melts away.


Callie said...

Beautiful! What direction is that facing?

Lacey said...

wow! snow is so pretty, the best thing is to be sitting in your warm house watching the snow fall, but other than that i dislike it very much! Skiing was great this week!! you guys should teach the kiddos how to ski! ava did reallly good this week! miss you!

The Hann Family said...

I love,love,love he snow on the mountains. Wish it would saty year round! Congrats on another little boy! So make awfully cute ones if I say so!