Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Once Again...

~We began Halloween by giving Jaxson his very first TREAT!....Rice Cereal. Believe it or not be got to 18 pounds with NO formula and just simply nursing...But the time had come where he was wanting MORE. We got a hilarious reaction out of him on the first bite but then I couldn't feed him fast enough.

So here we have:

"Karate Dude", Scary skeleton hands-scream face mask-Star Wars Guy & "Karate Girl!"
This year was "pick something out the dress up box" year!...& my wallet loved it!
Goodness they're cute...
And I know you just want to pinch his cheeks right now!
Jax was a ________?.....well some kind of animal that we've never figured out.
Both spence & dude wore this on their 1st Halloweens too.
this one makes me laugh...kaylea's trying not to drop bubby

*We had fun Halloween night & had a yummy chili dinner at Aunt Carrie's in the courtyard as Trick or Treaters came by. The Dads & Grandpa Ron walked the kids around after eating while the Moms gabbed holding the babies.

*All 5 Grandparents got to see the kids in their costumes this year! My kids are so lucky to have Grandparents who love them so much. Even Uncle Danny, Aunt Jozie & Uncle Tommy came over to see the kiddos.
I love that Jax is checkin' out Claire's Princess Leia wig!

Dad & Dude checking out the loot....


kwistin said...

They're all so cute! Jax kind of looks like a baby Yoda :)

Lundell Family said...

That was so much fun. Thanks for coming over. They did have such a great time

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

How fun! Your kids looked like they were loving every second!