Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's a small world after all...

(I'm over a month late on this post but ironically TODAY Mickey Mouse celebrates his 81st Birthday. :)

Over Fall Break we went here:

After being 400 miles away, Ethan & Daylan celebrated 1st by appropriately going on "Small World" ride. We met up with Aunt Steph & her boys @ D-Land for part of the day. They have an annual pass as they are now living in Cali. 
Jax taking it all in....

I LOVE DISNEYLAND @ Halloween Time!

This was the Disneyland experience that Kaylea will always remember because she went on all the BIG GIRL rides like Splash Mountain, Space Mountain & Tower of Terror....And LOVED every minute of them. Spencer was of course a seasoned veteran and showed her the ropes.

 Ethan was our "Tour Guide" with his awesome map skills.

Pirates of the Caribbean is still my favorite ride!
this time we got to eat the cool restaurant. (If only Jaxson didn't want to eat right then & Tim wasn't on a long distance phone call to Ireland than it would've been great!)

The BOYZ LOVED the Buzz Lightyear ride.

Walking all day around on a bum foot (from a 100 pound IKEA box falling on it) ....not a great idea.
The things we do for our kids.

Try again...
Um....maybe we'll try later....

We tried again later.... & this is as good as we got.
1 bad foot + A dozen or so  rides +  2 adrenaline pumped kids 2 tired kids  
=1 fabulous day for spencer & kaylea       
=1/2 fabulous day for daylan & jaxson
=1 long day for me & tim

Dear Mom & Dad,

Thanks for the many times you took us to Disneyland as kids. Now I know how much fun you didn't have while we did. All those visits REALLY were for us KIDS!!


kwistin said...

Audra, that's so sweet! First of all, we posted on kind of the same topic yesterday, yay! Secondly, I love that you added your "mom" perspective at the end. You are wonderful parents and I'm glad you have documentation of this outing for your kids :)

Thirdly, if you like Disney or Disneyland at all, you should read How to Be Like Walt, by Pat Williams. I linked to it in my post. It makes you appreciate Disney so, SO much more! I'm reading it right now. :) Anyway, I'm excited to see you soon!

Traeger Tribe said...

I can't wait to take Colton to Disneyland! We haven't been in almost 5 years! That's definitely a record for me. We used to go every year for our family vacation and Seth and I went there on our Honeymoon! Love all the pics and your funny math!

Lundell Family said...

WOW!! Jax looks huge in that picture with Kaylea. He has boobies like all my kids have had. Too Funny!! Your post about Miley was dead on. I might just take your words and stick it on my blog. I can't believe she is one either. Life goes way to fast

Unknown said...

How fun, I want to go one day to DL around the holidays, you guys look like you had a great time, so how did the IKEA box fall on you???? That is nuts!

AudyCamp said... was propped up in the garage..(not very well) seconds before by tim & then I walked by right as it fell & my ankle caught all the weight of it. I thought it was broken-so much pain!! I had to try to not pass out!!