Saturday, November 14, 2009

*Happy 1st Birthday Miley*

Well here's the last cousin without a birthday post. 
Happy 1st Birthday to Miley Ash.

Cliche as it sounds... it really feels like she was JUST born. (What a fast year it has been.)

Smiley Miley surely fits her name. She makes me laugh as she always has a smile on her face. Miley could totally be hurt, mad or whatever & still muster a smile. It's super funny.

Miley is walking good & tries to keep up with all her older siblings & cousins. Seeing so many boys around wrestling, she likes to join in & is a little tomboy. Whenever she sees Jaxson, she literally tries to eat him. She'll spot him from a mile away & her mouth drools.

 (March '09) 
She reminds me of Jax in this one..maybe it's the cheeks.

(July '09)
Happy 1st Birthday Miley!

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Lundell Family said...

I never saw this sweet post. SHe really does want to eat Jax. I love the pictures os her