Sunday, October 3, 2010

Half Time Show

The last HS football game before Fall Break the HS cheerleaders put on a cheer clinic for whoever wanted to come. Any girl who wanted to learn a dance & some cheers could perform at the Half Time Show. Kaylea decided last minute to do the cheer clinic because her friend Emily (who happens to be the Principal's daughter) was going to do it too.  She kept saying "Mom just remember I'm not a girly-girl okay...I'm just doing this one time."

I thought it was a great idea to see if cheer was something she liked doing without having to pay for it later & then find out she hated it. Physically I knew she could definitely do it...but would she like the social aspect of it?...{She hates when girls try too hard to be pretty for boys to get attention...Amen to that. Funny what such young'ens catch on to at their young age.}

Kaylea & Emily ended up having a blast of course!
Here's a picture below of the 8-14 year old group performing. Can you see Kaylea's forehead? ...haha.
I asked her why she didn't stand in the front & she said she was too embarrassed.

..side note: Kaylea wishes she would have gone to the bathroom before performing (as her mother had suggested  ahem...) because she said every time she jumped she thought she would wet her pants!... ~If anything came of this-she at least was reminded that sometimes Mother really DOES know best!

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Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

How fun! Way to go Kaylea for trying something out of your comfort zone! That girl is amazing! Cheer clinics and singing solos....she is coming out of her little shell for sure!