Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~October General Conference~

....begins my favorite time of year!
The air turns cooler & crisp. 
As the sound of the organ playing in the conference center begins,
I know that within minutes I will be comfy on my couch and being spiritually uplifted.
The kids gather around anxiously to play conference bingo with candy corn ...as they listen intently for words such as prayer, Jesus, God, missionaries, Holy Ghost & scriptures. 
Or eat fruit loops off their necklaces as they hear the "key " words.
The older kids also take notes in their packets.
 Kaylea's favorite talk= President Eyring's on having Faith
Spencer's favorite= Dallin H. Oaks on the Priesthood

Some of my favorite talks:
I loved the insight given.

President Uchtdorf-
"Love is spelled T-I-M-E."
We have to forgo some GOOD things in order to find the BEST.
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -Leonardo di Vinci
Often we unnecessarily complicate our lives!
Focus on what matters most. Get back to the basics.
Relationship with God is the most vital...Ourselves, Family & Others.

Robert D. Hales-
Are we practicing selective obedience?
Obeying the Commandments Gives Us Freedom
Agency=Free to Choose
"God will force no man to Heaven."

D. Todd Christofferson-
Our life is the stewardship of our time & choices.
Hard earned achievement builds self worth/confidence.
Become a Saint through Christ.
Hypocrisy is faith-destroying.
"Integrity is NOT naive; Naive is believing you are not accountable to God."

Boyd K. Packer- (much backlash from gay rights activists right now because of this talk: I thought this gay mormon guy's perspective was inspiring...)
"Marriage is ordained of God."
"Know ye not that ye are a Temple of God?"
The adversary is jealous of our bodies!
Wickedness never was happiness.
We cannot; We will not back down.
Repent...Stop..Angels will coach you.
There is a way back!

Dallin H. Oaks-
"ALL have direct access to God=Prayer"
Revelation should be constant in our lives.
*Personal Line-our own responsibility
*Priesthood Line-Organized religion is necessary.
..Yet we should not be dependent on a mortal mediator.
Both Personal/Priesthood lines are necessary!

L. Tom Perry-
(Message to youth of the church:)
Beware of T.V- so much of it is degrading & destroying.
Keep body healthy & clean.
Trust in the Lord.
The Lord is bound if you keep His commandments.
"Parents we charge you with this sacred responsibility to teach (them) what they need to know..."

Larry Lawrence-
(Council to parents of teens:)
BE COURAGEOUS! -Don't be afraid to Take A Stand.
"Imagine that your daughter was sitting on Railroad tracks with an oncoming train. Would you warn her to get off the tracks..or would you hesitate, worried that she might think you were being overprotective?" If she ignored your warning, would you quickly move her to a safe place? OF COURSE you would! Your love for your daughter would override all other considerations. You would value her life more than her temporary goodwill." 
Have courage to support each other. If one parent feels uncomfortable with a -party, swimsuit, dress, video game etc. then be supportive!
Avoid over-scheduling.
Council in private interviews.
We want our youth as Helaman's Army!

President Monson
"To live with gratitude in our hearts is to touch Heaven."
Told story of Gordon Green who's Thanksgiving Dinner was jackrabbit/turnips. Realizing the blessing of electricity as their father turned out the lights helped them realize how much they really did have.
Gratitude is the greatest of Virtues.
"A prayerful life sets us up for a grateful life."
Focus on Blessings-ESPECIALLY during hard times.
The Savior gave thanks & THEN the miracles followed.

I'm so grateful for the blessing of a living prophet on this Earth & those others who have been called now to lead us and give us council.

"Whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants it is the same." ~D& C 1:38

**Watch this little VIDEO of CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS: 
You'll love it!

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