Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"This is My Day...my Baptism Day."

Kaylea's Baptism went wonderfully. 
The program was full of family members giving talks, prayers and musical numbers. We tried to include as many as possible which is always interesting with so many siblings. {12 immediate ones to be exact.. not to mention married spouses & 20 something cousins.}
A Run down of  the program...{for you out-of-towners}

Uncle Phyl played piano, Cousin Macey was chorister,
Opening Song- "When I am Baptized"
Opening Prayer- Spencer (so sweet)
 Kaylea & her best friend Sienna sing "If I Listen With My Heart"
I gave a Talk on Baptism
Kaylea baptized by her dad
(bunch of kids gather round font & Kaylea fights back huge smile)
Help dress Kaylea dry off & get back into her dress as she talks about her special feelings inside
Aunts Sara & Brit play violin interlude while people are waiting for us
Everyone writes down their thoughts/testimony for Kay to be put in book made by Aunt Heidi
Musical Number by Aunt Ashlyn, Grandma Debbie, Cousins-Taylor, Melissa & Natalie Sang: 
"What Heaven Sees In You"
Talk by Grandma Kathy on Holy Ghost
Kaylea is confirmed a member of church & receives the Holy Ghost
(Uncles Danny, Brian, Mason, Jason, Great-Uncle Toby, Brother Olsen, Grandpas Lonnie & Tom in circle)
Kaylea goes onto stand to bravely sing solo: "I Belong to The Church of Jesus Christ" 
Made us all cry tears....
Closing Song- "The Holy Ghost"
Closing Prayer- Grandpa Tom
Following the Baptism we had brunch at our house. Tim was in charge of that part of it since he loves making breakfast foods (& I was in charge of everything else.) We had a yummy homemade waffle bar thanks to him & great friends the Lamoreauxs who flipped waffle after waffle. We had peaches, strawberries, chocolate chips, peanut butter, jam, syrup, & whip cream for the choice of toppings. Carrie, Mom & others helped with bacon & sausage. We gobbled it all up quickly and by noon, overwhelmingly felt both physically & spiritually nourished.
I made this little diddy...It's supposed to look like a cake & is just some boxes I'd collected over the weeks..(diaper, corn dog & shoe box, wrapping paper, ribbon, the #8 wrapped in scrapbook paper 
& wa-lah!)

The kitchen was full of family, friends & neighbors and we couldn't feel more loved. Upstairs we had playing a video that I had made for Kaylea of her last 8 years. I figured it took approximately 50 hours of finding home video footage, converting old tapes to my computer, scanning old pictures, organizing & the fun creating part of putting it all together. It ended up being 20 minutes long & Kaylea loves it. I hope she will cherish it always and know how much she is loved every time she thinks of it.

Kaylea received a variety of special gifts
commemorating her special day. 
She even got a phone call from her school teacher that morning wishing her the best!
Below is the book that everyone wrote their thoughts in for her that I know she will always cherish.

The kids had some quality cousin time that day...
It was a special day that we won't forget for a very long time.


{she + him} said...

Kaylea's baptism sounded magical! How fun for her to be doted on by everyone...I wish I could've been there! She is loved.

You need to post the video you made so we can watch it!!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Brig's STILL talking about those waffles! You guys sure put on one good party. :) And the baptism of course was lovely. Kaylea is just as cute as a button and it was quite a moment to watch her sing her solo...such a brave AND talented girl. Thanks for sharing your special day.

Jodi Davis said...

It looks like she had an amazing day! She looks absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!

Kristal said...

This pictures gave me chills. She's beautiful! What an amazing day. what an amazing mom and little girl. Seirously I feel like Kam and I are lacking. We're both so stubborn, and NOT sweet. I try to work on it, but it's just in us. It sucks!

Heather said...

congrats that's so exciting! what a special day. it's weird to think we have baptized kids. where does the time go?