Saturday, January 12, 2008

*Happy 5th Bday Jett!

~Happy bIrThDay
Cousin Jett!~ He turns 5 today...Hip hip Hooray! Jett is such a good boy. He is very sweet and his big brown puppy dog eyes just make you smile! Jett is a good brother and a fun cousin for the kids to play with. When he is over, my kids argue saying "No, Jett's playing with me, No he's playing with me!" Jett has the cutest way of talking and always makes us laugh. *Happy Birthday Jetterz*
We love you!
(~Newborn baby Jett & 4 month old Kaylea) Now they are in the same Preschool class & loving it!)

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Lundell Family said...

After seeing your sweet tribute to Jett I thought I better take the time and say something. I have not posted in over a month and I now have missed all the holidays. I could not let this day go without saying something to Jett. You and Heidi are so good I wish I was not such a slacker